Sartoria Fain Bespoke Menswear


"Our bespoke suits will fit like your second skin"

/ 5000 hand stitches

Беспоук костюм

Every bespoke should tell a story and our pieces have one sew into every seam. The best fabrics fitted together to create a perfect item. Learning from our rich history we bring traditional methods into the modern age, to contribute our own part to the art of bespoke tailoring. Our quality and comfort of our garments speaks for itself. We take pride in what we do and never compromise on quality.

/ Shoes

Пара обуви Sutor Mantellassi

Passion for clothes is impossible without the passion for good shoes. We share this point completely and therefore we have a few pairs of the best shoe Italian brands in our studio. You can try your suit with a pair you like, and in case the duo will be too good - never separate them

/ Perfect wadrobe


Our creation will be a perfect piece for your wardrobe. With effortless style and the perfect fit, our suit will stand out whilst still practical. With more than 5000 hand stitches in one suit, we go extra mile to create clothes that fit and flatter your body. Casual blazer, formal tuxedo or business suit - any challenging or demanding request you might have - we can make it happen.

/ Lifetime free service for our garments

Time is precious

Our creations are your investment in your own style. They will become part of your life and part of you. We proudly provide free lifelong care for our products - we must be sure that over time our garments, like you, will only change for the better.

/ Time is precious


We treat our craft and customers with the same respect. Quality takes time, but we make sure we create items that are worth the wait necessary in terms to create a bespoke suit. Let us know if you are on a tight schedule and we will manage to make your visit as quick as 15 min an option, we can conduct fitting session on your territory to save you the travel when its more convenient for you.

/ Warm welcome

Sartoria Fain - Warm welcome

We are always glad to welcome everyone who shares our passion for highest quality bespoke clothes, centuries-old tailoring traditions, detailing and manual work. We will appreciate if you notify us about your visit in advance by calling +38 (067) 658-07-07 or by sending an email to