Sartoria Fain - Bespoke tailored shirts

Bespoke tailored shirts

"Simply best shirts in town"

  • We create individual paper drafts with your precise measurements that we later use to create the perfect fit and flattering lines in our clothes
  • Our expert tailors then will perfectly match your measurements with a shirt that will be the highest quality in town
  • With reinforcement in most usually weak spots of shirt structure so you get a shirt that looks new and last longer
  • The sartorial crafting of our collars means they stay firm even when unbuttoned
  • Every hand stitch helps us to sculpture garment the way it is supposed to be, avoiding any middle grounds but aiming for only a right and flattering fit

Hand crafted tailoring

Placket is fixed in place with some extra hand stitches which stops it from wrinkling and losing shape

Reinforced seam gussets and hand stitched details

Each individually hand crafted buttonhole has higher elasticity which promotes long lasting quality

The collars themselves have one less hem, due to our hand stitching technique, leading to a more comfortable feel

Hand assembly of shirt details helps to match all patterns and details perfectly

We've got a wide range of buttons and other accessories to choose from